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Bo Salling Texoir wines Texas

For the past 25 years, Bo Salling has split his time as a singer/songwriter with a broad career as a wine professional in the West Texas region.  He got his start in the industry during college in Lubbock, working at a local winery.  His time in the wine industry, mostly in distribution and sales, has been spent exposing wines from all over the world to the West Texas restaurant and retail market.  Those years led him to create again, and Salling felt he could contribute to bringing Texas wine to the world stage.  Starting in 2012, Salling produced 100 cases of dry rose, (something almost unheard of in Texas at the time) called Dead Flowers.  With that singular wine, a movement has blossomed into several new brands and collaborations.  His latest release, Texoir, shows off the single varietals that thrive in West Texas, such as Mourvedre, Grenache, Roussanne and Carignan.  Like his music, Salling's wines speak of their surroundings and experiences from vintage to vintage. And to show, through this art form, you can find beauty and balance in the often unforgiving conditions of the Texas High Plains.

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